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OFFICAL POSTER "The Case Returns" Nacho Martinez



9.29.23 PREMIERE

Essential choice for those looking to simply enjoy the film on the night of its public release.

Brianna Southern "The Case Returns" Stockton Lodi Local Film




An exclusive pass granting entry to refreshments, bites, and an unforgettable VIP experience.

THE CASE FILMS Chris Balderston, Nacho Martinez, Teddy Southern, Southern Exposure Fire, Footage




Eager to get a head start? Enjoy a pre-premiere screening, but let's keep it between us partners.

Scott Sherman in 'THE CASE RETURNS'
NACHO IS IN TROUBLE! Screengrab from "The Case Returns"
Screen grab from "The Case Returns" Chris Balderston of CLB VENTURES
THE CASE RETURNS landscape Northern Stockton, Ca Farm land



In the heart of an up and coming city, a case shrouded in mystery resurfaces, but not in the ruble of Stockton's finest hair salon that mysteriously burned down. "The Case Returns" takes you on an exhilarating journey, blending the visionary storytelling of Chris Balderston with the breathtaking performances of real local talent.

As our enigmatic Nacho delves into the rabbit hole of a complex investigation. 

The stakes escalate, as the case takes an unexpected turn, transporting us to new dimensions of suspense.


Scott Sherman makes his appearance with hidden alliances and power plays that unfold, testing loyalties and leaving no one untouched.

The Case mesmerizes with a series of mind-bending twists and turns. As secrets surface and the family of the Southern Exposure salon show us inside and the damage that will inspire vengeance.

The pressure intensifies. Sleepless nights and relentless pursuit pave the way for startling revelations and heart-pounding confrontations. The line between right and wrong blurs, leaving our characters at a crossroads.

An intricate non-linear structure, mirroring the fractured psyche of our protagonists. Memories intertwine, clues resurface, and the truth inches closer, enticing viewers into a web of deceit and redemption.

Challenging everything you thought you knew. As the case reaches its zenith, alliances crumble, and destinies collide. 


Experience the cinematic masterpiece that is "The Case Returns," where every frame is meticulously crafted, performances are spellbinding, and the story unravels with precision. Brace yourself for a journey with Nacho the good guy, Red and his son the bad, Stacy AKA Anastasia Diamond the hired help, Scott as himself, and Reed the illusion.


Nacho Martinez, Teddy Southern II, Scott Sherman, Teddy Southern III, Stacy Wycoff, Faith Andrus, Brianna Southern, Chris Balderston, Teresa Gonzalez, Sam Shwe, Samantha Riley, Joey Stryfer, Jennifer Wilson, Bianca Bottini


Chris Balderston


Chris Balderston


Chris Balderston

Release date:

SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

World premiere:

SEPTEMBER 30, 2023



ChronoLens: A high-tech device that allows the audience to see glimpses of the past, present and future.
Nexus Crystal: Satellite domination made possible with these high powered artifacts.

The Case CipherLock: A sophisticated encryption system used to protect classified information.

ShadowShield: A setting on Quantum TimePiece that deploys a stealth suit rendering the wearer invisible to both the naked eye and surveillance systems.

EnerPulse Blaster: A compact energy weapon that delivers powerful blasts to incapacitate enemies.

The Case CodeBreaker: A supercomputer capable of deciphering complex codes and encrypted messages.

Quantum TimePiece: A neural interface that enhances jumpcut abilities and grants access to HighTech settings.

EchoDrones: Tiny surveillance drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and audio recording capabilities.

HyperSense Goggles: Specialized eyewear that enhances perception and provides real-time data analysis. 


The film showcases the breathtaking scenes of the Golden Bear Insurance Building in Stockton, Ca.


The film's original soundtrack was composed by award-losing composer, Chris Balderston.


Which actor/actress made a cameo appearance in the film as a surprise guest?

Brianna Southern made a surprise cameo appearance, delighting fans with her unexpected role.

What was the production budget for "The Case Returns"?

With a production budget of $0 million, "The Case Returns" was able to bring its thrilling story to life.

The talented VFX team produced over 5 stunning visual effects shots to enhance the film's action sequences.


Real-life historical event serves as the backdrop for the film's mood?

The film's origins take place during the iconic covid pandemic of 2019 and was set to release early in 2022.


However, the films release was postponed because of the devastating Miracle Mile fire that burned down Southern Exposure Salon and Spa, one of the films esteemed locations.


Chris Balderston as sound designer, mixing various no-copyright artist


Stockton, Ca


MOVIE POSTER the case original
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