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DISCOVERING culturaL CONTRAST between small local business and the lack there of big corporations is what good people like to do.

In this case, we have a study of what could happen to small local businesses if you produced an action packed short filmed built around the owners and distributed by brand manager and director, Chris Balderston.

"If we increase the awareness of the business owners, then the businesses performance in sales will increase."


Imagine the respect and admiration a camera operator  has for his/her craft, every shot and composition is carefully thought out with years of conscious efforts behind every deliberate shot.

When you accompany this skill set with anything at all, it becomes more important than the average video.


"There must be a reason someone thought this project was worthy of such a process", will enter the mind of your audience.

When you find that idea (the reason) your interested viewers will watch to the end to find out the resolution.

Insert business tagline and presto, you have the attention and then a starting point to begin in conversation, which (with the right sales process) can lead to transaction.

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