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Film Preview GIF "The Case Returns" "The Case" Nacho Martinez in Stockton

'The Case Returns' Premiere Event is an early access sneak peek into the local driven indie film. Follow our heroes as they unravel a mind-bending conspiracy in Stockton's favorite place to watch movies, Lodi. Right on South School st. in a private theater with exclusive Q&A session after the screening. Brace yourself for stunning visuals and an electrifying soundtrack that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire journey.

After the screening, get ready to join the first kickoff afterparty of

'The Case' franchise.

Access the red carpet Go behind the scenes

Unlock the Magic of CLB Ventures:

Behind the Scenes Access - 

Embark on an enchanting journey as we offer an exclusive look at the creativity, dedication, and passion that brought this extraordinary film to life.

Discover the secrets, thrills, and captivating moments that define "THE CASE RETURNS." Join our star-studded cast and crew on this magical adventure.


Chris Balderston's YouTube presents Meet Nacho Martinez is an interview with the star of 'The Case Returns'. The experience takes you on the meta-journey of thoughts and introspection from acting and singing professional, Nacho Martinez.

Plus Special Behind the Scenes Footage -

Chris Balderston in "THE CASE" and the "THE CASE RETURNS" a Stockton based film

Stockton, California is the home of Chris Balderston and features as a central location for the 'The Case' Films. This list that will help you take a close-up look at some of the sites and businesses inside 'The Case' scenes shot in and around Stockton such as The Delta waterways where the film originated.

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