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  • Center of the Board: Maze Level (Green)
    • A visually intricate garden maze where players navigate from the center.
    • Six spaces in every direction, but only two exits.

Outer Sections:

  • Space Level (Red) - Top Section:

    • Objective: Break codes to hack satellites.
    • Features: Futuristic satellite glide moves and open space for strategic moves.
    • If sharing same space with opponate, Roll off! Highest number wins.
    • Winning Advantage: next to play skip all other players immedately
  • Fire Level (Orange) - Right Section:

    • Objective: Navigate through a burning building.
    • Features: Flames, collapsing structures, and challenges.
    • Losing players from the Space Level face tougher routes.
  • Water Level (Blue) - Bottom Section:

    • Objective: Sail to the Boat Square where players are rewarded with a clue; a piece of the puzzle that they will put in their hand.
    • Features: The Boat Square of calm and stormy seas, when two or more players share this square -a duel.
    • Players spin a dial to determine who faces setbacks.

THE GAME RETURNS | Conceptual Prototype

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