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Scott Sherman, a name synonymous with resilience, community, and unwavering strength, is a light in the shadows of darkness.


From Humble Beginnings: Born and raised in one of the nation's lowest vibrating towns, Scott defied the odds. Instead of succumbing to the challenges that surrounded him, he used them as stepping stones to climb toward success. His journey is a testament to the indomitable human spirit.


A Catalyst for Positive Change: Scott is not merely a success story; he is a force for positive change in his community. While others might abandon the places that drag them down, Scott chose to be a pillar, working tirelessly to elevate the lives of those around him. His contributions extend beyond mere financial support; he invests time, energy, and care into every endeavor.

Scott Sherman acting in "THE CASE RETURNS" a CLB VENTURES film

Safety: In a world where safety is often a luxury, Scott emerged as a guardian. His military training became a shield, not just for himself but for anyone in his vicinity. Communities felt safer with him in their midst, and his actions spoke louder than words to those who sought to harm the vulnerable.

Generous Sponsor: Scott's involvement with 'The Case Returns' goes beyond the silver screen. He became an integral part of the project, opening doors to multiple scene locations, including the iconic boat scenes. His generosity extended not just to the film but to the entire endeavor, creating connections and opportunities that enriched the project.

Defender of Justice: Recent events have cast a shadow on Scott's image, a shadow that his supporters argue is a distortion of the truth. His actions, defending himself against those who posed a threat, were not born of malice but of a commitment to justice. In the face of danger, he acted with courage and decisiveness.

A Legend in the Making: Scott Sherman's story is still unfolding. A legend in the making, his life is a testament to the strength that lies within each individual to rise above circumstances and make a positive impact. As the wheels of justice turn, we watch closely, hopeful that the true essence of this remarkable man will shine through.


In the end, Scott Sherman stands out not as a flawless hero but as a human being who navigated the complexities of life with integrity, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.

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Your local realtor.

Scott Sherman is the most renown realtor of the 209.

With the help of his team, in house marketing plan and the creative(me), Scott is confidently blowing competition out of the water.

Scott Sherman acting in "THE CASE RETURNS" a CLB VENTURES film


farmington, ca

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The biggest windows in town in one of the hottest commercial real estate areas.

Southern Exposure THE MIRACLE MILE a short film of Scott Sherman listing commercial property in Stockton, Ca
Eminent Domain Abuse at S Mckinley Ave Manteca Journalism by CLB VENTURES on Scott Sherman listing Zoning and Permit Scandals Land Grabbing


the zone

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1,984 lbs of

water logged willow

Almost impossible to move.
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Mining fiber durring crypto currency boom with CLB Ventures and Scott Sherman

View more on Scott's original website created by CLB Ventures LLC

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