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The Case of Small Businesses

This project started as a short film and four years later it has become a full length feature.

The Case Collection: Invest in a Film!

Have you ever considered investing in the film industry? Not just by watching a movie for entertainment, but by taking a hands-on role as an executive producer.

Now you can with flexible investment options that let you play as big or small as you'd like. Our smart contract is designed with an open source distribution plan, ensuring that your returns are optimized and forecasted to maximize.

When you purchase an NFT from our collection, you'll receive a movie poster for the short film, "The Case." This poster grants you access to the smart contract, which gives you partial ownership of the back-end profits that "The Case" may generate.

Here is an example of what that part of the contract will look like:

"By purchasing this NFT, the owner hereby acknowledges and agrees that they are entitled to a portion of the backend profits generated by the associated project in which the digital art is used or featured. The percentage of ownership shall be determined by the terms outlined in the associated project's profit-sharing agreement. The owner agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the profit-sharing agreement and acknowledges that they are bound by any modifications or changes made to the agreement."

So why wait? Invest in the future of film with The Case Collection today!




Escape the monotony of your daily routine with CLB Comics, our current favorite!

If you're seeking a break from the mundane and a chance to engage in meaningful projects, join our journey where you can make a difference and earn your spot as a co-producer.

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