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THE CASE RETURNS | Executive Re-Cut | 2023

THE CASE RETURNS | Executive Re-Cut | 2023

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Dear Loyal Supporters,


In a whirlwind of creativity and unforeseen events, our marketing campaign for 'The Case Returns' is back on, and this time, we're going full throttle. We've listened to your feedback, clarified our approach, and are more committed than ever to delivering a cinematic experience that challenges norms and leaves a lasting impact.


A Unique Blend of Fact and Fiction:

Our goal has always been to craft a story that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. By seamlessly blending footage from different timelines, we aim to challenge storytelling conventions and showcase the artistry behind our work. This approach, though unconventional, is a deliberate move to set 'The Case Returns' apart from traditional cinema and/or documentary/mocumentaries.


Clarity Moving Forward:

We understand that this unique editing approach may have sparked questions or confusion. Our intent was never to mislead but to invite you into a world where the boundaries of storytelling are pushed to the limit. Moving forward, we're committed to providing clearer distinctions between the film's creative narrative and its real-world context.


An Unbelievable Turn of Events:

In a cinematic twist of fate, the character 'Scott' from our movie, 'The Case Returns,' finds himself facing real-life murder charges. This unprecedented occurrence adds an entirely new layer of intrigue to our film, making it a must-watch for those seeking an immersive and boundary-pushing experience.


Reasons Why 'The Case Returns' Is a Must-Watch:


Unparalleled Blair Witch Style Cinematic Experience: The film challenges conventions, leaving a lasting impact on those who dare to venture into its world.

Authenticity in Every Frame:

Filming exclusively in Stockton wasn't just a choice; it was a commitment. Showcasing a cinematic exploration through Stockton's most breathtaking and untouched landscapes. From the picturesque waterways to the charming, lesser-known neighborhoods, every frame is a celebration of the city's unique character.


Act Now - Join the Adventure:

Be part of this unique journey now, and witness how 'The Case Returns' becomes more than just a movie – it's a story that transcends the boundaries of fiction.


🚨 Don't Miss This Opportunity:

Act now, and your exclusive film experience awaits! Your support in this endeavor is truly cherished. Thank you for being an integral part of this cinematic odyssey.

Get ready for a cinematic thrill ride like never before! 'The Case Returns' is not just a movie; it's a phenomenon. Brace yourselves for mind-bending twists, jaw-dropping revelations, and an experience that will leave you questioning the very fabric of storytelling.


We're turning the hype dial up to 11, and you're invited to be at the center of it all. Join us on this rollercoaster of emotions, intrigue, and cinematic brilliance. 


Stay tuned for more updates, surprises, and an adventure like no other!


With utmost excitement,

Chris Balderston

Director, 'The Case Returns'

Scott Sherman in 'THE CASE RETURNS'
NACHO IS IN TROUBLE! Screengrab from "The Case Returns"
Screen grab from "The Case Returns" Chris Balderston of CLB VENTURES